Further, we ensure that our cattle is properly vaccinated and checked from the veterinary doctors to prevent from health ailments and infections. For the complete client satisfaction, we provide complete knowledge about the  feeding habits, breeds, health necessities and behavior of the cattle. We have all the facilities that are important for the cattle like feeding, bath, health check-ups, sleep etc.

Why Our Farm Animals?

  • Free from ailments
  • High milk producing capacity
  • Pure breed
  • Properly vaccinated

Our Cattle Source

For catering the requirements of the clients and to satisfy them we procure the cattle from the reliable sources who ensures healthy buffaloes and cows. Before sourcing the cattle, we make sure that the cattle provider take care the livestock properly which ensures disease free and nourish cattle. While procuring the livestock Murrah Breed Buffalo, Jersey Cow, HF (Holstein Friesian) Breed Cattle, Dairy Cow, Cow Heifer, Buffalo Heifer Australian Cow, American Cow etc. our veteran doctors check their health and condition. Only after the approval of the doctors we procure them and supply the livestock to our clients.

Our Offered Livestock

Our firm is engaged in trading and supplying the following variety of farm animals to the clients:

  • Sahiwal Breed Cattle
  • Pregnant Heifer
  • Pregnant Cow
  • Pregnant Buffalo
  • Non Pregnant Murrah Buffalo
  • Murrah Breed Buffalo
  • Indian Murrah Buffalo
  • Jersey Cow
  • Tharparkar Cows
  • Cow Heifer
  • Buffalo Heifer

Our Farmland

For the purpose of organic farming, the farm animals are playing very significant role. They contribute to increase the productivity and sustainability of the agricultural systems. That is why we give more emphasize towards taking care of all the procured cattle before offering them to various clients. Further, we have invested a huge amount on buying and maintaining the farmland so that we keep our cattle in the clean and hygienic environment. Our farm is full of greenery so that our cows and buffaloes graze their and eat healthy and fresh food.

Our Cattle Caretaker

Kind hearted and compassionate people love to work tirelessly to take care of the animals. Maintaining and upkeeping of the animals is not an easy task. Keeping this is mind, we have recruited some experienced animal caretakers who hold vast knowledge about the cattle, their necessities, behavior and habits which helps us to take care of the livestock. Our caregivers take care about the food, sleep, vaccination and bath of the animals and also take the cattle for grazing in the field. If they encountered any health issues regarding the cattle they immediately informs the doctor. Our appointed doctors conduct health check-ups of the entire dairy animals on regular basis.

We are mainly dealing in Bulk Orders of the clients.