Dairy Animals

Cattle Breed
Offered Cow is available in various colors such as brown, white and black. Provided cow produces high milk and its milk is easy to digest as well as sweet in taste.
Gir Cow
The Gir Cows are the important dairy cattle breeds found in India. They are illustrious for their milking prowess as well as tolerance to stress conditions. The breed is also resistant to different tropical diseases and can load heavy loads.
Jersey Cows
Provided Jersey Cow produces milk that is easy to digest, safe to consume and rich in calcium. This cow is highly demanded in market for its ability to produce high milk.
Tharparkar Cows
Provided Tharparkar Cow is highly appreciated among clients for its ability to adapt any environment conditions. Offered cow produces milk that is sweet, rich in butter content and safe to consume by any age group people.